We’ve Switched to Cloth

Paper towels…not diapers!  Our kids would be mortified…they’re too old for that!  And they may also be a little embarrassed that we’ve decided we will no longer purchase paper towels.  That’s right, we’re switching to cloth towels.  Joel commented, “You guys are so green.”  At least they’re paying attention and noticing the small things we do to improve not only our own lives but the environment as well.  Here’s our latest little contribution to save Mother Earth from one less item in the land fill.

Regular vs. Huge vs. Super vs. Mega vs. Giant — with all these options it is a real pain to determine what truly is the better paper deal.  While figuring all that out, we realized we have been using far too many paper towels each month so it made sense to limit our waste and make our own reusable cloth towels.

We made a quick trip to the thrift store and purchased 3 cotton sheets one of which came with two king size pillow cases!  Bonus!  We spent a whopping $8.

As soon as we got them home they were bathed in hot water, detergent and bleach.  Then we got to work on the towels.
This picture of me looking like an avid seamstress is just a hoot!  You see, I have never been able to even sew on a button and have it last.  But, I gave it my best shot and guess what?!…….we’ve got towels!!
Yep, that’s me again.  Don’t faint.

So far we’ve used up the two pillow cases and the cute green flowery sheet and we have 30 towels.  We still have two large sheets to go!!

Now let’s be honest…..I am not good at sewing.  At all.  But I am now a pro at loading thread in and out of the machine because I flubbed it up a few dozen times while sewing straight lines on my cloths.  There was a learning curve!  And yeah, some of the stitches are a little wonky, but who cares?  These are non-paper towels used to clean up small messes, wipe hands, and clean off counters.  Will anyone even notice a rogue thread?  Doubtful.  We are so pleased with our project.  But now I’m out of thread!  Need to pick up a larger spool so I can finish up the rest of these bad boys!  I am feeling so accomplished today.

Try it out….several websites suggest trying to go paper towel free for one month.  It’s just one month.  Can you do it?  You will save money, eliminate some unnecessary waste, as well as decrease your carbon footprint.

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