Sister Bird’s Wedding

For Labor Day weekend, we traveled back to NYC, for my little sister’s wedding.  She did an amazing job getting everything organized and planning a fabulous event!  She even managed to shop for and design her own flowers the day before the wedding!  I was so impressed.  NYC has some amazing flower markets.  I took lots of pictures of the beautiful flowers and am so envious that we don’t really have any thing this amazing near us.


Here’s a look at the beautiful bridesmaid’s bouquets that my sis put together…

After the rehearsal dinner, my babe and I went on a 6 mile walk around the city.  Holy cow we were pooped when we returned!!  We grabbed a refreshing popsicle at High Line Park…

And then stopped for a view of the Hudson River…
There was an odd little man sitting next to us practicing his lines from a script while wearing only a speedo so we didn’t sit here long before moving on.

The wedding was delightful and my sister looked so beautiful!!  She was beaming the entire day and into the night.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs DeFab!!  We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

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