Harvest Moon

This weekend marked the appearance of 2012’s harvest moon.  In an attempt to visualize this beauty, we headed out for an evening family bike ride.  Due to some cloud cover on the horizon we were not able to see it  at its largest, but we did get a pretty good look at the full moon.

My babe had read somewhere that if you look at a full moon upside down it appears smaller than when you look at it right side up.  Why is this important to note??  Well, possibly for no reason other than it created some funny photos when we all decided to test out the theory.

Jason: “Hey look!  We’re mooning the moon!

It was a fun way to spend the evening; in fact, we decided we would really like to include more bike rides into our week.  Hopefully we can make that happen.

Once we got back home and the moon was a bit higher, it looked so golden and beautiful in the deep blue sky.


Fall Garden 2012

Last year we created some raised bed gardens in the back yard.  We had much success with our three separate rounds of crops and harvesting.  The climate and high temperatures in Florida can make produce selection a little challenging so we have learned by trial and error what seems to work and what does not.  Since we gave our gardens a break through the hottest part of the summer we were eager to get some things planted for fall.  Bring on the veggies!!

We decided to document our planting this year in order to keep better track of when things were planted, how they progressed, and what worked out best.  It is a very sophisticated system consisting of a composition book and a pen:

On August 25, we started with several plants and some broccoli seeds.  Once those had a couple of weeks to get started, we added collard green seeds, kale seeds, and some bush bean seeds on September 9.  I should have taken some photos of the “just planted” stage, but since I did not, we can just take pride in knowing that what we’ve planted so far is, at the very least, GROWING!

Now, let’s take a look at how things are progressing as of September 21, just 4 short weeks after getting started…

Last year, our tomatoes didn’t fair too well in the fall.  This year we are trying two varieties that are supposed to tolerate high heat a little better since we still get very warm weather here throughout the autumn months.  We’ll see what happens.

Here’s a better look at the lovely greenery which should produce some delicious vegetables for us in about 6-8 weeks!

We have a little space left in both gardens where we plan to stagger more broccoli seeds.  It is everyone’s favorite, and the fantastic flavor and tender texture over store-bought broccoli just can’t be matched!

DIY Weekly Menu

Sometimes I am a planner to a fault.  Often, however, my husband admits that my over-planning is used for good.  Here’s an example.

Every now and then we come up with a solution to a problem or issue that is so simple we often wonder why we didn’t think of it sooner!  One example is the weekly chore list we created for the kids.  Another is our weekly menu that hangs in the kitchen.  The kids stop everyday to see what’s on the menu and express their excitement (and sometimes a rare disappointment) for what has been planned.

This menu idea solves several issues:
1 – Answers the daily question, “What’s for dinner tonight?”
2 – Allows for better planning
3 – Encourages use of items currently on hand
4 – Better planning = less $$ spent on random items at the grocery store and less $$ spent over all

Here’s what it looks like:

We just purchased a relatively inexpensive frame and used brown packing paper cut to size for the background.  I cut the silverware silhouettes out of black paper.  The letters were rubbery little vinyl letters found in the scrapbooking section at the store.  Each week, I just use a dry erase marker to fill in the menu.  Super easy project and really inexpensive!

Here’s another look…
The chore list I mentioned hangs near it on the refrigerator.  Easy ideas for a little peace in our home!