Fun Food Photos

Lately, we’ve been working on personalizing the Fetch Ranch with various projects here and there.  Here’s an easy one that we think showcases a little about us and a little about our home.

Since getting my awesome new camera for Christmas last year, I have been taking pictures of lots of things….mostly food.  Food makes us happy.  We have a small garden.  We love spending time in the kitchen.  We enjoy discovering new food adventures. So, it only makes sense that food photos are commonplace.  After amassing a small collection of food photos that were representative of us, we narrowed the choices and selected some for framing.  For less than $7 per framed and matted photo we created a nice personalized art collection for our kitchen.

And look how nice they look above the newly refurbished butcher block

I love the picture of the fresh tomatoes from our garden, and the heart-shaped golden beet makes me happy.  But our favorite picture is the one of our homemade gnocchi!

Do you have a favorite?

Here’s the behind the scenes action of our kitchen photo project…even got my babe in on the fun!

See that smile?  He’s having a great time with this!!  

I, on the other hand, being much less creative, take my projects a little too seriously.  (Note to self: relax and have fun!)

We did have a lot of fun creating this photo wall of some our personal kitchen pictures.  We will have to make room for future photos…or maybe we can just switch these out as new favorites are produced.

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