Block of Ages

Lately I have been completely obsessed with DIY projects and design and decorating ideas for our home.  We’ve been in our new house for about a year and still need to make it “ours”.  Even though we’ve been scanning through Craigslist and thrift stores for some DIY projects to help me get in touch with my crafty side, we also considered items around our house that might foot the bill.  Enter this lovely fellow:

Let me clear away the clutter for you:

Ain’t it a beaut?  Don’t judge a block by its cover; he definitely has potential!  My husband was the lucky recipient of this chunk of wood many years ago when my father-in-law offered it to him.  My babe has lugged this thing from house to house garage to garage.  It’s never really had a formal home…until now.  We decided to tackle this hunk over the weekend since we had already selected his new place of residence in our kitchen.

He was covered in many layers of dust, goo, and gunk.  We started sanding away with a small orbital sander but quickly realized it was going to take a lot of elbow grease to get the gunk off.

We switched to a wire bristled wheel (not a technical term!) that wicked away that grime much more quickly.

Notice the wood starting to show through.  Now we’re gettin’ somewhere!!

We sanded our little hearts out for several hours and made the decision to purchase a belt sander to speed up progress.  We took a much needed break, ate some dinner, and slept.  On Sunday, while perusing the local flea market for new garden plants we found a round orbital sander for $15!  Babe snatched that up and then we headed to the home improvement store for new sandpaper.  We still bought the belt sander because a) it was a good price at $49 and b) it can be used for future projects.

Here’s a look at his chunky legs before and after a little work:



Once we were finally finished with all that sanding and were covered in enough saw dust to change the color of our clothing, we finished off the block with a nice coating of butcher block oil.  He was like a thirsty sailor and soaked it all up quickly!

One more look at the before:

And just like those weight loss reality shows, let’s allow him the honor of a big reveal…….(insert drum roll here)………

….And the crowd goes wild!!
Here’s the big hunk standing so proudly in his new home:
We are so pleased with the way he turned out and love the new character he added to our kitchen!  I wonder what we’ll tackle next?

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