To Do or Not To Do

Where did the weekend go?  Seriously, it was just here….but in a flash….gone.  While we certainly enjoy those truly relaxing (but rare) weekends, this one had a to-do list that kept growing and growing.  As the weekend progressed we had to modify our to-do list and move some tasks to the not-to-do list.

Friday after work and before eating dinner, we decided to make a quick trip to Home Depot.  Saturday’s to-do list included some preliminary garden planning.  Since we had an extra hour of time available we thought we’d get a jump on things by shopping for some seeds and seed starters.  Here’s a sneak peak at what we’re planting in our fall garden:
We have had great success with broccoli in the past so we’re definitely adding that again.  We thought we would try our hand at starting our own seeds since it will be a few weeks before we are ready to start planting.  We have had random success with tomatoes, and since we love them so we are giving them another shot as well.  The next pic is a random assortment of some other things we would like to have available–green beans, collard greens, winter squash, and Thai basil.  Stay tuned for our progress in the coming weeks.

Now, about that to-do list.  Take a look at how it began…

To-do List A

Nice, tidy to-do list, right?  Easily managed.  Easily accomplished.
It’s what isn’t on that list that changed our course of events.  The tenants at rental house #1 called to let us know their living room looked more like a disco as their overhead lighting had begun flickering like a strobe light.  Since we knew we had a couple of other things to accomplish there, we decided to temporarily forego the “fun” to-do list and take an hour or so to get that home taken care of.  On to to-do list B.

To-do List B
Fix overhead lighting
Re-caulk bathroom tub
Trim hedge

What really happened:
We started with the quick bathroom caulk project.  Yeah, I said quick.  Over an hour and a half later we were still scraping and chipping away at the older-than-dirt caulk around the tub and bathroom floor.  Wish I had a before and after photo of that.  It went from ICK to SLICK!  Keep in mind the two of us were crammed inside of tiny bathroom approximately 5’x6′ at most.  Next it was on to the disco light.  Sure enough it was a constant flash.  My super-smart electrician-in-a-former-life husband did some troubleshooting which included entering the 140+ degree attic.  Creepy doesn’t begin to describe the attic of a 1950s home.  Couple that with the oppressive heat of August in Florida + shards of insulation and you get one less than happy husband.

I have purposely not included his face in this photo to disguise his look of disgust each time he emerged from the hotbox.  Over three hours after we arrived we called it a day even though we didn’t fix the light (need a new one) and never even glanced at the hedge.  That will all be added to this week’s to-do list.

Here’s what we did manage to accomplish on Saturday in addition to the rental home tasks:
Donated 3 bags of clothes to Goodwill
Bought school clothes for boys
Took boys out to dinner
Picked up truckload of mulch
Got oil changed
Stopped at auto parts store for wipers and shocks for truck

What didn’t get done:
Trip to Asian market
Shopping at Target
Visit new thrift shop
Work on budget
Stop at car dealer
Take dress to be altered
Work on project for a gift (more on this later!)
Go back to Home Depot

After some much needed rest, we awoke on Sunday and Mr F made a yummy French toast breakfast.  This was an attempt to prep everyone for the task of the morning…distributing that truckload of mulch!  Here’s a glimpse at what our yard looked like before / after:
There is still quite a bit we’d like to do.  Step one was just getting some mulch into these beds.  As it turns out the immense truckload we got wasn’t even enough to cover the front two beds.  So…another truckload gets added back onto the to-do list!

Even by 10am on a Sunday it was brutally hot out.  We were happy to have two handsome assistants for this endeavor!

What did get accomplished on Sunday:
Distributed mulch
Showed rental home #2 to potential tenants
Moved sailboat to our house
Picked up milk
Menu for the week
Checked out Sunday coupons online
Fixed spaghetti and meatballs for dinner

Even though we didn’t complete everything on our list, we still felt very accomplished with what we did do.  Now we just need an extra weekend to recover!  Monday came way too fast for us!

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