A Sweet Weekend Getaway

Over the weekend Mr F and I traveled to The Big Apple for my little sister’s bridal shower.  Also on our agenda, pie and bras.  With our shortage of free time we knew we had to limit our extra excursions, so we each picked one and made sure to get those two things accomplished.

Getting to NYC was no easy feat…after many, many, MANY delays and lost luggage we made it to the big city a whopping 14 hours after leaving for the airport!  Our limited free time suddenly decreased even more as we spent most of Friday catching up on some much needed sleep.  When we finally headed out, we made the first of our two scheduled stops: Hill Country Chicken.  Since seeing their assortment of pies on the Food Network many months ago, Mr F made this his “must visit”!  We had already missed breakfast so we settled on sharing some fried chicken tenders, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese and, of course, pie.

Being a “Fetch” has its perks.  That is to say everything always works out, sometimes even better than anticipated.  Take this pie excursion for instance.  Since we couldn’t narrow our choices to one each, we chose 3…and then the guy behind the counter gave us one on the house!  We contribute this kind of good fortune to being a “Fetch”.  {PS, they were all sinfully good–we tried Cowboy pie (sort of like a 7-layer cookie in a pie!), strawberry rhubarb (my personal fave), banana cream, and coconut cream.}

(We pretended to eat a little “real” food so we didn’t feel guilty about jumping head first into all that pie!)  — These are two very tired faces.

We walked off our full tummies by heading over to Linda’s, a bra shop I’d seen on tv recently and marked as my “must visit”.  They claim that most women are wearing the wrong bra size, so once and for all I wanted to get a proper sizing.  It was an interesting experience and I had to put my modesty aside but I did it and came home with a couple of new items.  I’ll skip the details, but in short, I did change sizes from what I thought I was but learned in the process they size you based on a European size chart.  Once I had that bit of news under my belt it made it easier to apply sizing to the American way.

Since we were still quite pooped from the travel, we went back to our hotel for a cat-nap before heading out to eat. again.  We had dinner at Chai Thai and shared some Thai tapas (is that possible?)…okay, we shared some small plates and they were delish!  Then my superbly sweet husband found a place for us to go for dessert.  We went to Kyotofu, a place where they make their own tofu and incorporate that into their desserts.  The place was very dimly lit and cozy.  Later we figured out that dim lighting was to disguise the look of some of the desserts.  Don’t get me wrong, they were really good, but…

kuro goma sweet tofu (made with black sesame seeds) = gray pudding

the low lighting helped to disguise the fact that this was basically a gray pudding.  It didn’t really appeal to our visual taste buds, but it was tasty (the little shot glass on the side was simple syrup which we added to the gray blob to sweeten it up.)  We also tried some green tea creme brûlée.  Not bad.  Just to add to the sweet treat madness they brought us the tiniest little cupcakes with our check and upon paying presented us with two little brownies to go.  It was a nice place with great service.

The main event of the weekend was my sis’s bridal shower.  It was held at Alice’s Tea Cup (adorable!)  Her wedding is exactly one month from today on Labor Day Weekend.  She really enjoyed the shower and received some delightful gifts to get her home off to a fresh start!  One of my personal favorite gifts that she received was her grandmother’s stand mixer and rolling pin.  So incredibly thoughtful!  I have always loved that kind of tradition and am so happy that her aunt saved these items for her special day.

So long NYC and little sister bird!  We will see you again in just a few weeks!

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