A Pre-teen’s DIY Facial

Summer in Florida is just hot brutal.  Most days it’s in the mid 90s but with the added 150% humidity, it’s usually more desirable to spend the day in the nice, cool A/C.  A girl can only watch so much TV or complete various crafts/drawings/art projects, so yet again we were left to address the boredom issue.

Jessa dug deep into her closet and retrieved a spa kit that she received for Christmas.  It is chock full of different activities.  Today, she decided she’d like to work on getting her flawless complexion ready for the upcoming jump into middle school.

This is a really easy mask “recipe” and the kit actually came with one of the ingredients.
3 Tablespoons rolled oats
2 Tablespoons honey
Mix together in a bowl and apply to face.  Here’s how the whole process went down:

That’s the after photo!  A nice smooth, clean face!

Here’s what really happened:
1.  This was a complete mess!!  For the rinsing of the face we moved back to the kitchen sink so we didn’t clog up the sink in the bathroom with oatmeal.
2.  There was oatmeal everywhere!
3.  It was hard to keep the oatmeal “stuck” to her face so she had to keep leaning her head back so it wouldn’t fall off.
4.  Jessa realized she did not like the taste of honey.
5.  Oatmeal fell into her eyes and mouth.

It was at least a fun way to spend 30 minutes and cured the boredom blues.

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