A Day at the Beach

Living in Florida we often receive the comment “Oh, you must go to the beach all the time.”  Well, even though no part of Florida is more than 60 miles from the beach, we do not get there as often as you might think.  As a child, I lived about 4 hours from the closest coastline, so packing up to go to the beach was a major event.  Let me tell you, it is also a major event when you live an hour from the beach.

Yesterday we decided to entertain 3 kids who have been “stranded” at home for the summer with a trip to the beach.  You would think the vast ocean and miles of sand would be enough to keep anyone busy.  Not so.  In order to spend a few hours in the sun, sand, and surf, here is the short list of what we packed (maybe you can print this off as a check list for your next beach trip):

5 chairs
1 umbrella
5 types of sunscreen
large jug o’ water
1 cooler
5 cups
5 paper plates
5 napkins
10 juice drinks
6 PBJ sandwiches
8 personal snack packs (chips, popcorn, cracker jacks — because no matter what you choose someone won’t like it)
5  beach towels
1 hat
1 kayak
1 surfboard
3 boogie boards
1 bag of ice
2 pairs of sunglasses
1 frisbee
1 mask
1 set of goggles
2 blankets
4 cell phones

Fortunately we also brought:

1 camera

which allowed for a couple of nice beach photos.

And even with allllll those activities we packed for our day in the sun, teens would rather be on their phones!  (Note to self:  next time just pack towels and phones.)

We managed to make it home with fewer sandwiches and drinks but with a whole lot more sand!

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