How We Saved the Ravioli

A couple of months ago we scheduled a date night cooking class and we were so intrigued by one dish in particular…the ravioli.  Here’s why:

A couple in our class was assigned the ravioli dish….lucky! (We got to scoop out tomatoes and stuff some cannolis—not all bad!)

Look at that cool ravioli “press”!  Mr F decided we must have one!  We received ours in the mail quite a while ago and decided to put it to use last night making our own ravioli!  As instructed, we purchased wonton wrappers to make our raviolis.  We had trouble deciding what to stuff our ravioli with and my husband kept saying, “I just don’t think we’re properly prepared for ravioli tonight!”  I reminded him that if we were on Chopped, we’d have to create a dish out of far more foreign ingredients!!  We finally decided on a ricotta-parm-mushroom-parsley stuffing and set out to make our homemade (sort of) ravioli.

We removed our new press from it’s box…

And got out the wonton wrappers we purchased…

There was just one teensy weensy little issue…

OOOPS!  Maybe Mr F was right….maybe we weren’t really prepared to make this happen.

Like troopers, or Chopped contestants, we soldiered on in our efforts to create delicious ravioli for dinner.  This is how we solved the problem:

Crisis averted!!  Thought we might have to resort to Cheerios for dinner for a minute there!  In addition to the cheesy goodness my husband concocted for the stuffing, he made an amazing sauce to top them!  Wish I could give you the recipe, but the King of Sauces has this knack for just throwing some things in a pan and, voila!, they magically turn into an amazing sauce!  I can tell you fresh garlic and basil were involved because my contribution to the sauce consisted of chopping these items up.

Here’s a look at dinner!

It was very, very good!  A couple of notes though:

1 — Wonton wrappers as ravioli were just okay.  They enlarged a lot and sort of flattened out and lost that pocket of cheesy-ness that we were excited about.
2 — We’d like to find something that fits our ravioli maker.
3 — After a quick internet search, it may be quite easy to make our own ravioli next time.  We’ll see how that turns out!

Not everything we make is spectacular, but we sure try!!  And more often than not we end up with a really fantastic meal, so I’m not complaining!

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