Learning About Kefir

Mr F should really be the one to write this post as he has much more knowledge in his head about this subject, but since I am the one with a little more free time this week, I’ll give it a shot!  Recently, we described our adventures with raw milk.  Well, the adventure continues…we have expanded our raw milk use to making our own kefir.  After only hearing about kefir and its incredible benefits recently, we were actually quite surprised at the plethora of information we found online.  This video actually sealed the deal on deciding to make our kefir.  The kefir in the stores, while good, contains less good bacteria (PRObiotics) than what you make on your own — around 10 strains vs 40-60 strains in homemade!  Additionally, making kefir at home is much less expensive.

We ordered some milk kefir grains last week and got the ball rolling…

I cannot tell you the level of giddiness that ensued when this puppy arrived!

And so begins our quest to make our own milk kefir…
The packet contained, in addition to our kefir grains, a multi-page booklet full of instructions and ideas for our new kefir babies.  For now, we’re sticking to the milk kefir which we plan to drink daily.
You add the kefir grains to the raw milk and it actually sits out at room temperature for about 24 hours to form the kefir milk.  To be perfectly honest, it doesn’t look too appetizing.  But if you think of it as yogurt, it’s not quite as bad.
For now, the biggest perk is that my husband has been making me a nice fresh fruit smoothie every morning!  That sweet treat plus the benefits the kefir provides gets the day off to a great start!