Let a Smile Be Your Umbrella

After 4+ rain-soaked days, the kids have been getting a little stir crazy.  So, I did a little searching for some creative ideas to keep them entertained aside from sitting them in front of the tv to watch a movie or having them glued to the computer.  Little did I know how entertaining paper, pipe cleaners, staples and some tape could be!

I found this adorable heart banner on Skip To My Lou.  It was easy, allowed the kids to work together, encouraged them to help one another, and gave them some new room decor!


Although this was a pretty easy project, the kids’ patience waned pretty quickly and soon they were on to making origami shirts!  Another quick search (thank you youtube!)….and voila:


These would make cute do-it-yourself Father’s Day cards!

Luna was thrilled that strings and beads were involved!  She lurked under the table waiting for someone to leave one hanging just long enough for her to pounce on.

Lastly, Jessa and her best pal got very creative with pipe cleaners while Joel experimented with some plastic “string”.


Crisis averted and smiles returned on a rainy day with these fun crafts!  The kids were entertained and I got a break from “We’re bored!”

The way I see it, if you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.
~Dolly Parton 

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