A Milky Father’s Day

Yesterday, with some free time on our hands we decided to once again try our hand at making some homemade mozzarella. The last time we made cheese the process became ultra-challenging. We went through several gallons of milk..in the end we did create some cheese, but it didn’t turn out as good (nor was the process as easy) as the first time we made it. We had multiple discussions on how to make it better. All things pointed to our milk being less than optimal.

Several months ago we called around looking for fresh milk but no local people seemed to have any available. So, earlier in the week, we purchased goat milk from our local Whole Foods. Surely, this was going to make a big difference!!

WRONG!  We ended up with milky soup…not even close to cheese.  (Insert hhhmpff and sigh here!)

One thing I’ve learned about my husband is that he doesn’t give up when told no.  And, lately all of our milk choices had been saying “no” to becoming cheese.  Once again he started plugging away on his iPad in search of local fresh milk.  After a good hour or so of reading and research, he found a place that would sell us RAW milk.  We made a phone call and scheduled a pick up for today.

This was the perfect Father’s Day treat, believe it or not.  My husband talked about it all morning with great anticipation and excitement!  Turns out he was right to be excited.  Check out the ooey-gooey goodness we created:

cheese curds

On the way to becoming mozz!

We have not achieved this level of mozzarella magnificence with any of our pasteurized milk choices.

See that smile??  Put there courtesy of RAW milk!!  Happy Father’s Day honey!!

Finished product!

Stay tuned for what else we did with our RAW milk!

2 thoughts on “A Milky Father’s Day

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