Lovey Dovey

Just over two weeks ago, we sat out on our patio sipping our morning coffee when we noticed a male dove building a nest in the palm tree just outside our screened enclosure.  He would give directions to his mate and she would fly out and about returning with twigs the precise size requested by her partner.  She flew to different trees, the neighbor’s garden, rooftops, and gutters working hard to bring the necessary supplies for their new abode.

The following morning, father bird had completed the nest and was no where to be seen.  But mama bird was perched proudly in the spot he had occupied just the day before.

We are at the 14 day mark and she is still patiently holding down the fort.

This is like a version of Where’s Waldo? Can you see mama dove in the tree?

Here’s a better look…

Babies should arrive very soon.  We’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE:  Click here to view the arrival of baby dove.

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