Happy Six Month-aversary

This past Saturday we reached our 6 month wedding anniversary.  I’ve promised my husband that I will only count these monthly milestones during our first year, after that he’s off the hook until December 9 every year.  So, to celebrate the six month-aversary, what’s a loving newlywed couple to do? ….Shop!  Off to Teavana we went!

About a year ago, we decided to phase out the amount of wine in our diet.  It was making a fairly regular appearance in our evening routine.  And while we thought we were enjoying having our “wine time” together every night, we realized that what we really appreciated was just the quiet time together.  So, instead of having wine at night to commemorate the end of a lovely day, we have now turned our attention to tea.  Yeah, I know there are tons of stories out there about how one glass of wine at night is good for your heart, but:

A.  one glass usually turns into two…turns into three.
B.  it might be good for your heart, but daily intake is not so kind to your liver.
C.  since we are no longer twenty-something, it becomes increasingly harder to get up in the morning after a glass two glasses a bottle of wine.

I used to get really excited about what wine we would purchase and then get even more excited about having a taste of it!  I now have the same excitement over our tea.  I never knew such loveliness existed.  Growing up in North Carolina, the only tea I was exposed to was good ol’ Lipton tea bags.  Well, let me tell you, there’s a whole world of tasty tea out there with no relation to the Lipton tea bag.


We also like trying out different sweeteners.  So far we’ve sampled honey, dried honey, sugar cubes, unbleached sugar cubes, agave nectar, German rock sugar, and the latest (pictured above) is turbinado raw sugar.  Sugar seems the least likely to affect the taste of the tea.  Generally, we like herbal or rooibos tea, but that’s just because we usually drink ours at night and these two lack caffeine.  I recommend going to a local tea shop and sampling different ones that suit your taste buds.  Don’t be afraid to blend different varieties too!  You can create your own concoction.

Now, back to that shopping trip…since this is something we do everyday, we invested in a new tea maker!  Happy  Six Month-aversary to us!  This morning we programmed it to brew our tea before we came downstairs for breakfast!  (And while shopping for the tea maker, we also purchased a new caffeinated tea to try for breakfast.)   Here’s the latest addition to the Fetch kitchen:

Lastly, I cannot neglect that my husband cooked a delicious omelet for our six month-aversary breakfast.  Check out this loaded gem of eggy goodness:


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