Weekend Always in View

One of our local news channels always reports the weather with “the weekend always in view”.  We are always looking forward to the weekend so it’s nice to know they are keeping our agenda in mind with the weather forecast!  This weekend we were completely focused on the weather, with Tropical Storm Debby out in the Gulf at a complete stand-still and a company picnic on the calendar!  Fortunately, the storm really held off until early Sunday so our picnic wasn’t interrupted.

We had some great food and the kids had a lot of fun playing.  We all played a game of kickball….and let’s just say there’s a reason I haven’t played that since I was about 12.  My body ached in places it didn’t know existed….never have I even thought about the back side of my knee.  Really?  We should definitely keep shopping for hot tubs; these bods ain’t gettin’ any younger!

Family game of corn hole!

Jessa was the only one to get the beanbag in the hole!

Joel getting set up for a good throw!

Jason and Joel taking a break from the heat.

Luna investigated the inside of a basket and was caught in the act when we returned.

Sunday the rain lasted all. day. long.  It was so incredibly relaxing!  The kids were with their mom for the day so Mr. F and I did a few things around the house, made some banana bread and hot tea, watched Elizabeth, and waited for the kids to get back.

Today TS Debby is still looming and the rain is intermittent.  Jessa and her best pal discovered some discarded palm fronds and put them to good use.  Take a look at the creativity in these young minds!  Adorable.

Alas, it’s only Monday, but the weekend is always in view.

Playtime with Raw Milk

Over the weekend, we purchased some raw milk to try to aid in our cheese making endeavors.  In addition to making cheese, we found several other creative uses for our raw milk purchase.  (FYI, we bought raw cow’s milk.)  Who new it could be so versatile?!


We don’t normally drink cow’s milk; typically we use almond milk, but have also tried soy and rice milk.   I’ll admit, we were a little leery to try raw milk.  Is it too thick?  Does it taste horrible?  Does it have chunks in it?  We threw caution to the wind, took a big swig, and surprisingly, we loved the taste and the texture.  It was nice and cold (according to the seller we need to keep it at 40 degrees) and tasted like regular ol’ milk only better!!  Dee-lish!


This is obviously one of the most fun things to do with fresh milk (note BIG smile on Mr. F’s face!)  In order to make cheese, you will need several additional ingredients.  We purchased a cheese making kit several months ago which provides everything you need.

Fresh raw milk will separate, with the cream rising to the top.  This is easily remedied by simply shaking the container to mix it up.  We decided, however, to reserve a little of this luscious cream.  We can use it in our coffee or tea, or make things like butter or whipped cream (keep reading…)


Making homemade butter sort of lends itself to creating buttermilk.


This is not the tangy buttermilk your grandmother used to drink; rather it is the milk that is produced when cream separates creating butter and buttermilk after being whipped or shaken like crazy.  We used this buttermilk later in the evening in our mashed potatoes and in our meatloaf.


Mr. F is the KING of homemade whipped cream!!  So, yeah, I know the picture above doesn’t look like his usual whipped fluffy fluffiness, but it sure tasted amazing as usual!  (He thinks that even though he strained off the cream, it still contained quite a bit of milk which left it a little flatter than we are used to.)

This is what we did with our raw milk in just one day!  The possibilities are endless.  We’ve had so much fun experimenting!