Put That on Project Status!

Growing up, when something important came up that needed to be addressed promptly, my mom always said, “Put that on project status!”  So, here we are at the end of the school year and teachers are putting everything on project status!  You’d think this would be a time of winding down, celebrating the end of a great year, looking forward to summer vacation…but alas, “we” have been assigned projects galore!  I say “we” because the level of these projects certainly requires some parental assistance.

Yesterday, I made out the list of activities coming up for just the month of May.  I think the kids’ calendar is busier than my work schedule!  (I’d better line up some more appointments and fast!!)

Among banquets, memory books, end-of-year testing, book logs, and field day, the kids have been quite busy with some additional exciting projects.

Part of Jessa’s grade this quarter required her to do 15 hours of volunteer work.  This included creating business cards, formulating a plan of action, making phone calls, and organizing a very successful BOOK DRIVE!  Through her hard work and dedication, Jessa collected 184 books and magazines to donate to the BETA Center.

When she arrived at the BETA Center there were very few books available for the residents.  But take a look at the shelves when she was finished!

Jessa got a big thank you and a thumbs up from the President of the organization.  She is excited to do this again next year.

Joel, who has quite the green thumb, asked to have a flower box outside his bedroom window.  He has been diligently caring for his precious flowers for a couple of months now.  Hard to believe these started as mere seeds…

And for the final project (at least for this week) Jessa is having class elections.  She had to come up with a campaign slogan…”Jessa is here!  No need to fear!

I’m confident she’s going to get elected!!  Her election commercial is adorable and she did a great job presenting her ideas and topics.  Once I get a little more handy with this blog thing, I’ll upload the video.  Maybe I should put that on project status!

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