Date Night Cooking Class

For my birthday this year, my sweet husband gave me a date night cooking class at Truffles & Trifles in Orlando.  We attended that class last Saturday and had a great time.  I think we would have appreciated a little more instruction or maybe a new technique or two, but considering it was offered as a “date night” class, we just enjoyed learning some new recipes.

Our team was in charge of making an appetizer (stuffed cherry tomatoes) and cannolis!

These were really yummy and very easy to make.  We stuffed them with cream cheese, sour cream, fresh garlic, fresh basil, and bacon!

Since we had pretty easy recipes to tackle, we ventured around to see what other people were in charge of making.

Ravioli made with wonton wrappers!

What a neat idea!  Glenn has already been shopping online for a ravioli maker!

Veggie paninis in the works.

We had a really nice time and it was a very fun date!!  In fact, we’re planning to go to another class later in May.  We’ll let you know how it goes!

Oh, before I forget…take a look at these cannolis!

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