Around Our House – Part 2

Two and a half weeks ago I presented a brief tour of the goings on at the Fetch house.  This is a quick update on how quickly things can change in a short period of time!

Remember those glorious peaches?

Well, the birds and squirrels have enjoyed them a little more than we have…they beat us to the punch everyday!  The birds peck at them until they fall to the ground then the squirrels devour the rest, leaving the peach pits as mulch.

On a brighter note, the garden is booming!  We were a little concerned that the bok choy wouldn’t grow here when we planted it two and a half weeks ago…

And here is our bountiful bok choy crop today!

That’s lettuce in the foreground, also looking good!!

The second garden is doing quite well too.  Carrot tops are showing now and the zucchini and squash have taken off!  This is a look at the garden before…

And here it is today:

I am amazed by the transition in such a short period of time.  We’ll be eating zucchini and squash in no time!



This is our third attempt at tomatoes and fortunately we’ve been pretty successful so far!  Look at these beauties!!  They are small roma tomatoes but they are delicious!  The larger ones are starting to redden too.

With the arrival of our lettuce and some cucumbers close behind we’ll be ready for a homegrown organic salad very soon.

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