Say Cheese!

My husband received a cheese making kit last year for his birthday.  Since we like cooking together so much, we thought this would be a fun activity.  We made our first attempt around the first of the year and luckily it went very well and we ended up with some delicious mozzarella!  I say “luckily it went very well” because had it not we probably would have nixed any future attempts.

Fast forward a couple of months…our springtime garden is off to a good start with some fresh roma tomatoes and fragrant basil.  And what is a perfect accompaniment to these two beauties?  Fresh mozzarella of course!  Since we were such pros with the first round of cheese making we were certain our next attempt would go well.

When you purchase your kit, you will see specific instructions about purchasing the right kind of milk.  Local is best…you can use goat or cow….do not use ultra-pasteurized…  In our town it is very challenging to find fresh milk.  Most of what you find in our local market is ultra-pasteurized.  We learned that even if the milk is ultra-pasteurized, manufacturers are not required to print this on the label.  You will have to pay careful attention to your milk selection!

Once we had our gallon of whole pasteurized (not ultra) milk, it was time to get started on the cheese.


Those are two happy faces anticipating their soon-to-be-stretched mozz!  The next photo is of curds in the making!

Next the curds have to be heated back up which is supposed to make them stretchy like taffy…

We weren’t too successful.  My sweet hubby went to the store to purchase more milk.  “Pro” status was quickly being reevaluated!  We tried again…same results.  Mush.  Not the stretchy goodness we were hoping for.  Round 3!  Finally, we achieved some semblance of mozzarella!!  We still aren’t sure if something was wrong with our ingredients (there are not many) or if the problem was the milk.  We are still in search of some local milk for the next round.  At any rate, this is how the whole process turned out…

The face of a discouraged cheese whiz!

Starting to look like cheese!

And the smile returns!!

We broke out all the tools to work on our cheese…3 gallons of milk…had the website pulled up with tutorials (which all made it seem so easy!)…had the manual out.  So glad we had something to admire and eat in the end!!  If all goes well, it’s a pretty quick and fun project.  Take a look at the finished product in action…

Yes, those are tomatoes and basil from our garden along with our freshly and lovingly made mozzarella!  Don’t you wish you had a bite?!

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