Fighting Saturday Boredom

Saturday.  A day of rest…a day of relaxation…a day to get some things done around the house…unless you’re a kid and you need an activity…Now.  Forget that we cooked French toast for breakfast.  Or that a multitude of video games were played. Or that we went to the mall for some new clothes….or that we went out to lunch. We were back home and Jessa was officially bored.  She asked for some ideas.  None struck her fancy.  That is until her dad said, “Let’s make some fresh bread!”  This little sugar plum was overjoyed at the prospect of practicing her baking skills.

After the first round of kneading, the dough had to rest.  Uh-oh…now bored again.  What’s a creative girl to do??

Make decorations in the flour of course!

Next it was on to the next round of bread baking fun…

And after putting the loaves together, it was time to let them rise again before putting them in the oven…

And here’s the finished product!!  Might I add it is just as tasty as it looks!

And voila! Boredom averted….at least temporarily.

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